How to Buy a Used Car

If your current vehicle is on its last wheels, you have probably started thinking about purchasing a used car. If you’ve never bought from a used cars service before, it might seem a bit overwhelming, but these guidelines will help you stay on track.

Set Your Budget

The first step is to decide how much you want to spend. Consider both how much you can spend for a down payment and how much you can afford to pay per month. Don’t forget to consider registration fees and insurance premiums. Once you have a budget, don’t look at anything you can’t afford.

Research Some Cars

Now that you know your price range, it’s time to start looking for the perfect car. You can start by doing some research online. Consider whether you want a two-door or four-door model, whether the car has good fuel efficiency and how safe the particular model has been overall.

Head to the Dealership

Once you know what you’re looking for, you can visit a dealership. Our used cars service will help you look at the available vehicles, give you a history of the car and let you do a walk-around, and then allow you to take it for a test drive. Never purchase a car from someone who seems to skirt around the walk-around or test drive. This is usually an indicator of major problems with the vehicle.

Purchase Your New Car

After you’ve decided which used car you want to buy, it’s time to do the paperwork. Always read every part of the contract to avoid any surprises. If you have questions about a section, be sure to ask. Never make assumptions about the meaning of a clause.

Buying a vehicle from a used cars service is easy as long as you know what to watch out for. Once you’ve signed the papers, grab the keys and head out to show off your purchase!

Understanding the Types of Cars

We carry a lot of used cars on our lots, in many makes, models and years. We frequently get people shopping for cars that don’t fully understand the options available to them. So here is a quick refresher course on some of the main varieties of cars that you have to choose from.




These have been historically among the most popular of cars and have often been synonymous with family car. They are usually four doors with a separate space for storage in the back, most commonly a trunk. They often get good to excellent gas mileage, and are sometimes equated with practicality. They commonly seat 4 to 5 people.


Coupes are a type of sedan that may only have two-doors and may have a sporty accessory such as a spoiler. The backseat also tends to be smaller in coupes, though the term is somewhat flexible and used interchangeably with sedan.




Similar to sedans, hatchbacks differ mainly in the rear compartment, which has a tailgate that lifts up for easier access than a trunk. It’s preferred by buyers who like to put groceries in the back or other supplies, and it sometimes has a slightly sportier appearance.




SUVs are larger than sedans and hatchbacks, seating up to 5 to 7 people. They usually have higher ground clearance, giving the driver and passengers an elevated view of the road. Because they have heavier bodies they tend get reduced gas mileage.




This style of vehicle has become quite popular in recent years. It combines qualities of an SUV and a sedan, and again the definition is somewhat flexible. In terms of construction, a crossover is more closely related to a sedan than an SUV.


In short, when looking for used cars, it’s best to focus on the type that appeals to you the most. Once this is established, then you can take several for test drives.