Get A Better Credit Rating, Get A Car

Having bad credit can seem like the end of the world sometimes. It restricts you on what you can and cannot buy because certain lenders are unwilling to loan money to people with poor credit history. How are you supposed to repair your credit if you can’t get even a car loan from anyone? Luckily, there are bad credit loans out there that are specifically designed to help you purchase what you want and re establish your credit. All you have to do is go through the application process, get approved, and make your payments.

Getting approved can be simple. All you need is the right car dealer that handles bad credit car loans regularly. A car might have seemed impossible to purchase before, but not with a bad credit car loan. You simply need to apply and talk with a credit specialist. If you are approved for their program, then you get to start the work of choosing your car and completing your documentation. Pay close attention to any documentation that you sign, as it will likely detail out what your payments will be like. Don’t sign anything until you completely understand the responsibilities of everyone involved in the loan.

By making the payments on your car loan just as you agreed to in your contract, you can start to re establish your credit. The more payments you make on time, the better your credit will become. The better your credit becomes, the more likely you can get better loans to buy other items in the future. Once you get that bad credit car loan, all you have to do is keep your end of the commitment to pay and your credit will have a brand new future.

To re establish your credit with a car loan, you just need to find a car dealer like us that knows how to handle such loans. Go through their process and make your payments on time. You will thank yourself down the road when you need better credit for a bigger loan.

Myth: A Checkered Credit History Equals No Car Loan

You need a car. You’d like the affordable price tag and reliability of a quality used car, but are under the assumption that used car dealerships require full cash payment up front. Where would you get that kind of money? If only you could find the used car you’d like on financing terms you can afford! But even if you could find such a dealership, what would they say about your checkered credit past?

We’re glad you asked! Before you bite your fingernails all the way down to the nubs, come check out our bad credit car loans! It would be our pleasure to help you fulfill every item on your wish list. Let’s take it from the top.

The Car

You’d like a used car. You have an eye for quality, so not just any used car will do. We feel the same way! We have an extensive selection of reliable pre-owned vehicles, and we’re certain you’ll find a new-to-you car that will fit your needs and your budget.

The Money

You don’t have all of the money right now, so you’d like to split the cost into monthly payments over time. Not a problem! We offer a variety of financing options that can allow you to purchase a car today without zeroing out your bank account.

The Problem

Now we come to the zinger. What about your checkered credit past? Think you’re not a candidate for a loan? Think again. Our friendly and knowledgeable financing specialists would be glad to show you how you could qualify for a bad credit car loan. These loans are specifically designed for people in your situation. While interest rates are typically higher on loans of this type, they afford you the benefit of purchasing a car today, when you need it, rather than having to wait until you have the entire amount in cash. Our financing specialists are available to answer your questions and walk you through the process.

Now that we’ve wowed you by fulfilling every item on your checklist, let us wow you with our friendly service and great selection! Stop by and see for yourself!

Why Choose Used

Many people who have been in the market for a car know that there are several benefits to choosing a used car over a new one. The most notable one of these is the lower price, but this is not the only advantage. For those looking to save money both in the short term and the long term, used cars can be a great choice. A car is a valuable resource that can also be very expensive, but there are ways to make it easier on your budget.

Not only will the lower price be a relief in the moment, the money that is saved can be used for future expenses, such as fuel and repairs. This is not the only area in which a used car can soften the blow to the customer’s budget. Registration fees are often lower for pre-owned cars, and it can also be cheaper to insure them. Another advantage that used cars have over new ones is that they depreciate much slower. While a new car loses value as soon as it drives off the lot, a used car has already been through this process and its value will depreciate at a much slower rate.

Many used car dealerships use a certification program, which means you can trust the quality of what they are selling. This certification often entails an inspection, a service guarantee, and a warranty. It is important to be sure you’re getting your money’s worth, and these features make it easier than ever.

With used cars, what you see is what you get. There are no fiddly extras, no being talked into expensive features you don’t need. A used car is an affordable and reliable option for those who need a personal mode of transportation to go about their day.

Car ownership is notoriously expensive, so it only makes sense to save money wherever you can. Shoppers seeking only used not new cars have many options open to them, and would do well to take advantage of this great resource.

Easy Car Loans

While you search for the perfect car, you should also be considering how you will finance that purchase. Some people actually put off shopping for new vehicles because they hate to imagine dealing with banks and other lending institutions. The truth is, though, that fast easy car loans can be had if you choose your lending institution carefully and keep your credit simple.

For the most part, lenders are interested in knowing that you can and will make timely payments, have not overextended yourself financially, and have stable income to ensure that your repay schedule goes uninterrupted. Understanding these simple requirements should help you to remain prepared to take on new credit as needed.

To keep from overextending your accounts, add to credit only those items that require financing. Too many people actually ruin their credit completely by depending on cards to purchase clothes, small appliances, and sales items. Paying cash for most small purchases is a good idea. When you need to spend a few hundred to a few thousand dollars, putting those on your card will help to establish easily maintained credit and your repay schedule. Those looking into your credit for fast easy car loans will not know on what you spend most of your money, but they will be impressed to see that you carry a decent but not enlarged credit sum and pay efficiently and responsibly.

Alongside your financial responsibility and timely payment schedule, having maintained consistent work will go a long way toward helping others see you as credit worthy. Creditors may see frequent job changes as a red flag against stability. Having had as few career or job changes as possible helps to keep your credit history simple and demonstrate stability in your life that translates to credit worthiness.

Many of us have been brought up with the notion that keeping something simple helps to eliminate drama, and that is true. In this case, the lack of drama can be read, too, as proof that you are worthy of loans for the perfect ride.

Bad Credit Car Loans – Step by Step

Coming into the car dealership with damaged credit doesn’t have to be scary. Don’t be embarrassed if you’ve had credit problems in the past. We’ll work with you to find bad credit car loans that can get you in a vehicle quickly. If you research ahead of time, you’ll feel confident about the process, every step of the way. Once you’ve decided that you’re ready to start shopping for a vehicle, be sure to check your credit score, consider a co-signer and learn about loan terms.

Check Your Credit

Before you go to the dealership, take some time to understand your credit report. In Canada, there are two companies that provide credit information, TransUnion Canada and Equifax Canada. You have a right to request a free report by mail from each organization. Your credit can be rated based on the following information: amount of account history, payment history, amount of debt and recent credit inquiries. Be sure to carefully look through all the information and identify any mistakes that may be lowering your score even more. If you have the right credit information, applying for bad credit car loans doesn’t have to be confusing.

Consider a Co-signer

One way to help strengthen your loan application may be to team up with a co-signer who can apply with you on the loan. If you go this route, you should be very selective about the person who you choose to co-sign. Your co-signer should have a strong credit history, so that your application can be stronger. Make sure this person is someone you trust because they may be notified if you fail to make payments.

Pay Attention to the Loan Terms

Those who are seeking bad credit car loans should also learn about the types of loans available and pay close attention to the terms of any financing offered. Focus on the total amount that you might pay instead of the monthly payment.

Now that you know some helpful tips for getting started with a loan, come by today to start your application and get one step closer into the right vehicle for you.

4 Smart Reasons for Buying a Used Car

Your old car broke down after many, many years of use, and now you’re in the market for a new to you vehicle. While you have plenty of options out there in terms of vehicles, there are a few smart reasons why you should look into used cars for your next purchase.

1 Value

The used cars you find will already have been through one or more owner, and they will still be in good enough condition to have another owner. You can’t beat value like that, especially if you plan on selling your used car in the future and going with a different model.

2 Price

The best things about used cars is their price. If you don’t have a ton of money to spend or you are simply looking for a way to keep your expenses low, used is the way to go. However, as with any purchase, make sure that you save up for a solid down payment before you head into our dealership looking for financing.

3 Dependability

You want a car you can rely on day in and day out. In this sense, used cars are beneficial because they have already proven their dependability over the years. Plus, we inspect all of our used cars before they’re put out there to make sure they’re ready for sale.

4 Safety

Not only do you want your car to be dependable, but you also want it to be safe when you drive it. If you find a used car on our lot, you can rest easy knowing that it is still safe to drive.

When it comes to buying used cars, make sure that you set a budget for yourself and stick with it when you come in to take a look at our selection. This way, you drive away with a car that’s safe and dependable for a price you feel comfortable with.

Getting a Good Car Loan With Bad Credit

Cars are essential in today’s fast-paced world, but if your credit is poor, it can be difficult to secure solid car loans. With a little knowledge and creativity, however, you can find a loan that best fits your needs and budget.

Talk to the Dealer

We work with a variety of lenders and there is usually at least one who is willing to work with those who have subpar credit. Keep in mind that the interest rates tend to be higher, but there are ways to make this more bearable, such as getting a loan with a shorter term or putting more money down on the vehicle.

Get a Cosigner

If you know someone with good credit who is willing to cosign for you, this can help to get you a better loan. We can help you to determine how much of a savings you can expect when the cosigner’s credit is taken into consideration.

Consider a Slightly Older Vehicle

If you are on a budget, you can explore our inventory of used vehicles. With lower prices, it is easier to finance and get monthly payments that match your budget.

Save for a Larger Down Payment

A larger down payment works as a show of good faith for those working in our finance department. If you are looking for a used vehicle, work toward saving up 40 to 50 percent of the total cost as your down payment. For example, if you are looking to purchase a $10,000 vehicle, try to save a down payment of at least $4,000. This shows the us that you are serious and it reduces our overall risk should we extend you a loan.

Use this information to find car loans that will work for you so that you can secure your next vehicle. You should also make sure that you know your credit score before starting the process so that you know exactly where you stand.

Get Car loans For Your Budget

Budgets seem to be on everyone’s mind lately and when you are looking for a new or used car you may be worried about budget/car loans and how it will fit in with your current financial plan. Almost anywhere you go you can find offers of car loans and financing options that are geared toward getting you into a used car, regardless of how your credit stands. This can be a great option for those who are looking for a car to get them to work and a loan to help their credit rating. There are a few things that you should think about before settling on a car and a financing option such as type of car, financing rates, and how this will impact your budget.

Budget/car loans can vary widely between different companies and between different loans offered by the same company. One of the biggest factors seems to be the type of car you are looking for. For instance, if you are looking for a cheap car that will get you from point A to point B with little fuss and few bells and whistles, then you can usually find a pretty good financing option with low monthly payments; however, if you are looking for a top-of-the-line car to impress your friends and neighbors, then your payments and interest rate will probably be a little higher.

When you are looking at different budget/car loans rates you will want to take into account the fact that there are a lot of different companies which will offer financing. These companies include dealers, banking institutions, and even third-party financing companies. If you have the time and ability to shop around a little, then you should be able to find the best terms for your purchase and for your budget.

Financing will impact your budget, there is really no getting around that, but if you do your homework and get the best car and loan for your needs, then you can keep that impact to a minimum. Many people have a hard time finding financing for their cars because of past credit problems and many time if you can take care of all or most of those issues before looking for financing then you can get a better deal and have less of a negative impact on your budget.

Where To Find Bad Credit Car Loans

There are several places where you can get a car loan, regardless of your credit, and some will be better than others. For instance, if you come down to the dealership and sit down with one of our finance specialists, then you can get the loan and the car that you want at the same time. Two things you want to look for in a lender is the loan availability and their reputation.

Loan Availability

Not every dealership, or other lender, can offer you a car loan if you have no or bad credit. This is why it is a good idea to check out our requirements and loan offerings before you start shopping for a vehicle. This can help keep you from finding the right car or truck for your needs and then not being able to purchase it. It can also help keep you from unfavorable terms because we can sit down with you and determine which available loan is the best for your needs.

Lender Reputation

The reputation of your lender can be important because it reflects the terms you are likely to get. When you get a loan from us, it is a good idea to ask any questions that you may have about the loan to ensure that you understand what is required of you, and of us, in the contract. This can help you get a better bang for your buck.

Finding bad credit car loans can be easier than you might think. We can help you find the car that you want for the financing options which will work the best for your needs. To find the best loans, please fill out our secure online credit application or to come to the best dealership and talk to one of our finance specialists.

These talented people can help you find the right options for your financial situation and help get you into a new car at the same time.

Why Car Loans Are a Better Choice Than a Lease

The car-buying process can be a challenging one. Not only do you need to pick out something that will suit your needs, but you also must find a dealership with the right selection and with good customer service. Once you’ve accomplished these thing, then it’s time to decide whether to lease or finance your new car. Financing offers many benefits that you won’t get with a lease.

Sell When You Want

Have you ever purchase something you thought would be great, but it turned out you didn’t care much for it? If you grow to dislike like your car, if you have a loan, you can look to sell it to someone else. However, with a lease, you must keep the car until the lease is up. Car loans offer this flexibility and freedom.

Rack up the Kilometres

While some people own multiple cars and can keep their mileage down on individual vehicles, if you only have one car, it’s likely that you’ll use it for all of your needs and put a lot of mileage on it. If you’re in this boat, a lease isn’t your best choice. When you lease, your dealer will put a cap on the total number of kilometres you can drive per month or year. On the other hand, financing a new car allows you to drive all you want without penalty.

Modify Your Vehicle

When you buy something, it’s nice to make it look and feel like you and to give your unique personality. You can do this with car loans because you’re free to make any changes or additions to the car you see fit. Whether you want to add custom wheels or add a lift, you’re fee to do so. You can’t do anything to your leased vehicle.

If you’re having trouble deciding whether to finance or lease, consider these pros to getting a loan. Get one today, and you’ll get the car you want.